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Online Learning Supports for Students with Disabilities

Please use the links below to support your students.


for K-1 students:
Coping Skills/Belly Breathing (Sesame Street video)
Personal Space song (video)

for K-2 students:
Let's Be Friends (Sesame Street video)
Name that Emotion (Sesame Street video)

for K-3 students:
Being Angry and Safe (video)
Dealing with Sadness (video)
Emotional Regulation (Anger video)
Emotions (Storybots video)
Keep Your Hands to Yourself (video)

for 2nd-5th students:
Anger Management for Kids (video)

for 3rd-5th students:
Conflict Resolution (BrainPOP video)
Conflict Resolution in 4 Steps (video)

for K-5 students:
Feelings (Zones of Regulation video)
Guided Relaxation for Kids (video)
Inside Out: Identifying Feelings (video)
Making Choices (video)
Playing With Friends (video)

for all students:
Mindful Breathing (YouTube channel)