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Dennis Howard

Director of Extended Day Programs

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RAP Program Manager

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RAP Secretary

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Public Notice

The Lawndale Elementary School District hereby formally notifies the local community of its intention to apply to the California Department of Education for 21st Century Learning Centers Program funding for William Anderson Elementary School and F.D. Roosevelt Elementary School.  Our application is due to the California Department of Education by November 13, 2018. We would also like to take this opportunity to inform the community of our intent to increase our student capacity, increase student’s access to services and provide supplemental programs to the aforementioned schools in the Realizing Amazing Potential Before and After School Program.  Parties interested in finding out additional information about this proposal are encouraged to contact Dennis Howard, Director of Extended Day Programs.

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Learning that is Active

Learning and memory recall of new knowledge is strengthened through different exposures- seeing, hearing, touching, and doing.  After school & summer activities should involve young people in "doing"- activities that allow them to be physically active, stimulate their innate curiosity, and that are hands-on and project-based.


Learning that is Collaborative

After school & summer programs should help young people build team skills that include listening to others, supporting group learning goals, and resolving differences and conflicts.  Collaborative learning happens when learners engage in a common task where each individual depends on and is accountable to each other.


 Learning that is Meaningful

Learning is meaningful when youth have some ownership over the learning topic, that means to assess their own progress, and when the learning is relevant to their own interests, experiences, and the relevance is important to all youth.


 Learning that Supports Mastery

If young people are to learn the importance and joy of mastery, they need the opportunity to learn and practice a full sequence of skills that will allow them to become "really good at something."  After school & summer activities should be explicitly sequenced and designed to promote the layering of new skills.


 Learning that Expands Horizons

After school & summer programs should provide learning opportunities that take youth beyond their current experience and expand their horizons.  They should go beyond the walls of their facilities to increase young people's knowledge of their surrounding neighborhood and the larger global community.


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