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Lawndale Elementary School District

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Safe and Positive School Culture

Fostering a safe and positive school culture is as essential as a rigorous academic program. Students are most successful in a school environment surrounded by supportive teachers and classmates who demonstrate essential human character traits such as kindness, respect for one another, and integrity.

Building a school culture where our students thrive is a collective effort. We work together to make maximize student happiness. We strive to ensure every student feels respected, validated, and essential. Our district-wide PBIS program focuses on supporting students and staff to understand and demonstrate positive behavior in all their interactions.  Each school has its own PBIS ‘motto’ and practices strategies that teach and reinforce positive behavior rather than punishing unhealthy behavior.  For more information, visit

  • We celebrate diversity. 
  • We teach how to have respectful interactions.
  • We promote positive self-esteem.

At LESD, we value meeting our student’s social and emotional needs. We have systems in place to provide additional support to students who need it to succeed at school. Our Student Support Services Department can provide our students and families with abundant resources and services for students struggling with problems that might affect their academic performance or social and psychological well-being.

Student Safety Is Our Number One Priority

Our schools are safe havens for teaching and learning. To ensure student safety and support emergency preparedness:

  • We partner with the City of Lawndale, the County of Los Angeles, and local law enforcement agencies to ensure our schools are safe.

  • Each school has a comprehensive safety and emergency response plan tailored for its campus that outlines how to respond to any crisis. We review and revise these safety plans annually to ensure they are current and based on best practices.

  • LESD has an in-house Risk Manager that provides continuous safety training for our staff and heads the District Safety Committee.

  • Our Maintenance and Operations team is committed to ensuring that we have the necessary materials and communication systems in place in the event of emergencies. 

  • Our teams of Social Workers, School Psychologists, and Counselors are prepared to provide support for students and staff in any situation. 

  • We encourage everyone to say something if they see something. We believe in fostering a culture in which we all look out and care for one another.  

Regarding student health and safety, we take a proactive stance to ensure we are prepared to respond appropriately during emergencies.   

Engaging Parents as Equal Partners

Be our partner in your student's education. LESD is proud to offer Family University to all district families. Family University is LESD's parent engagement program created to empower parents to get involved in their child's education through workshops, volunteer opportunities, and joining parent committees. 

Parent engagement makes a positive impact on student’s academic development, and it shows students that their families care.

Each school has a Community Liaison to guide parents in participating in Family University. Get in touch with your Community Liaison today and begin your own educational journey at LESD!