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Forms are submitted via Laserfiche. If you have issues accessing or completing the form, contact Krystal for assistance.

Classified School Employee Summer Assistance Program

What is the Classified School Employee Summer Assistance Program (CSESAP)?

The CSESAP is a program that is part of the Governor’s Budget for the upcoming year. It is intended to support classified school employees who work fewer than 12 months per year. It offers $36,000,000 statewide to provide matching funds for employees who voluntarily set aside funds during the school year.

Who can participate in the CSESAP?

Employees must meet all of these eligibility criteria to participate:

  • Be a classified employee

  • Work on a 10 or 11 month calendar

  • Have been employed by LESD for at least one full year

  • Will earn less than $62,400 in 2020-21

Is there a deadline to participate?

In order to participate, the CDE’s timeline states that employees must complete the employee election form and submit this form to their employer by March 1, 2021.


Important: This calculator is intended to serve as an ESTIMATE of how much you may be able to access through this program. It is intended for general information only. It serves to assist with making the decision to participate. In NO WAY does this guarantee how much money will be accessed. The most important factor is the STATE MATCH and that is not controlled by LESD and unknown until after the enrollment period closes.