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21st Century Learning

The 21st Century Learning Coordinator works with the Educational Services department to support instructional initiatives and provide district staff professional development and implementation support.

Student technology use is developmentally appropriate and includes creating multimedia projects, word processing, spreadsheets, and graphics. Other specialized software programs assist students in gaining knowledge and demonstrating what they’ve learned in curricular areas.

Formative Assessment Resources

As teachers, we want to know how to support student learning as much as possible. Here are some technology-based formative assessment tools to support teachers:

Go Formative

Kahoot! (how-to video near the bottom of the page)

Plickers (how-to instructions)

Quizizz (how-to video near the bottom of the page)

Tech Resource Documents

Please use the resources below to support you as you integrate technology and help students learn. Additional documents are also available through Google Drive.

General Technology Information:
Chromebook Troubleshooting Guide (PDF)
Tips for Using Google Draw

iPad Use:
2014_03_19-Confer App (PDF)
Using Reflector (DOC) - Note: if you have updated to iOS 9.x, you will have to upgrade to Reflector 2.0
Using Notability (PDF)

Internet Safety

Parents sometimes worry about online safety as our children become increasingly connected. Conversations about digital citizenship - appropriate online behavior - with your child are vital to ensuring internet safety.

Please see the resources below:

Technology Donations?

Please peruse the technical specification document (PDF) to determine if donations meet the threshold.