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i-Ready Assessment

What is i-Ready?

i-Ready is an online diagnostic assessment for both reading and math currently being used in LESD schools to help determine the student needs. These assessments are adaptive based on how students respond to the questions. i-Ready provides online customized instruction and learning (called MyPath) to address student specific needs for all students (above, on, or below grade level). Instruction is personalized based on how each student performed on the diagnostic. i-Ready is not a grading tool. They do not earn a grade in i-Ready.

Frequently Asked Questions

Assessment Dates

There are three diagnostic assessments throughout the academic year. LESD schedules assessment periods during which teachers can administer the assessment

Assessment Periods

  • Diagnostic #2: 12/1/23 - 12/15/23, 1st -8th grades
  • Diagnostic #3: 3/14/24 - 3/28/24,  1st -8th grades + Kinder


Learn how we are using i-Ready to assess students, how the test works, the types of learning opportunities, and the role of the teacher and parent.

Click here for the Parent Overview 

Click here for the Family Guide


How does i-Ready Work?