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Retirement is a big decision that should be given some pre-planning.  First of all, have you contacted your retirement provider (listed below)?

It’s also a good idea to check with your Payroll Coordinator (Certificated ext. 50015 or Classified ext. 50016) to find out how many sick days you currently have on the books prior to your contact with STRS or PERS.  Our understanding is that these can be “converted” into retirement days (ask STRS/PERS for details).

With a minimum of 15 years of service and between the ages of 55 and 64, employees receive Lawndale provided medical benefits (only) up to age 65.  Dental and vision can be obtained through Cobra continuation coverage (for 18 months only) at a cost to the employee.

With 15 years of LESD service, employees age 65 or older upon retirement can elect one of LESD’s senior supplement plans at the current negotiated cost.  What this means is that your current medical insurance paid by LESD will be discontinued effective the last day of the month of employment.  Within 6 months prior to your retirement you should apply for MediCare Parts A & B (apply through the Social Security Office so your senior supplement plan can start immediately after resignation/retirement.

For those employees who currently “waive” our medical insurance (i.e. insured through a spouse), you must be on a Lawndale medical plan the year of retirement  (i.e you will not be eligible for continued medical benefit payments if you are not on one of our medical plans upon retirement).




The California State Teachers' Retirement System is the retirement system for certificated (credentialed staff). 



The California Public Employee Retirement System is the retirement system for classified (non-credentialed) staff.  888-225-7377

FICA Alternative

The FICA Alternative, which is currently administered by National Benefit Services (NBS), is the retirement system for non CALPERS-eligible staff. 800-274-0503