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Studies show that student attendance and student achievement are closely intertwined. Students who develop patterns of good attendance are much more likely to be successful both academically and socially than students who develop patterns of poor attendance.

The Lawndale Elementary School District takes a strong stand on this matter and provides a positive school environment which is conductive to regular daily attendance. Learning will result in increased attendance and improved academic achievement. Parents, staff, community, and school leadership are vital in supporting all students to move on to higher education. Acknowledging that there is a direct correlation between student achievement and student attendance, LESD affirms its commitment to improving student attendance.

What is ACT, SART, & SARB?

ACT: Abolish Chronic Truancy Program places hearing officers from the District Attorney's Office at school sites to meet with parents or guardians of students with attendance concerns.

SART: The Student Attendance Review Team is the last attempt of the school site to try and resolve attendance concerns before the case is referred to SARB.

SARB: The Student Attendance Review Board summons parents and students who have been unable to resolve attendance concerns at the school site level or who have established a pattern of excessive absences or tardies. Our goal is to assist families in resolving attendance concerns. However, failure to adequately improve attendance can result in a citation by the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department or criminal prosecution by the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office.