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After reviewing Board Policy, Ed. Code and the Ownership Policy, we have created the following guidelines for receipt of donations from

  • Any employee who wishes to create a DonorsChoose campaign must first receive approval by their school Principal. Both the campaign concept and language must be reviewed and approved by the Principal before the campaign is made live.  
  • All donations (no matter how small) must be approved by the Board of Trustees.  We will provide a template for the Office Managers to keep track of all donations.  They can submit one board item each month when donations are received at a school site.  Teachers receiving donations will be responsible to inform the Office Managers of such donations. 
  • According to the DonorsChoose contract, materials funded through are considered to be the property of the District but will remain in that classroom until the teacher leaves.  If the teacher moves to another site within the district or leaves to teach in another public school, permission to move the materials needs to be obtained by the site principal. 
  • Any donations regarding technology need to follow the District guidelines for technology.  Once received, they must be registered by the Technology Department so we can keep a current inventory of all technology in the District.  Those guidelines are available on the District’s website.