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Learning Together YouTube Playlists

YouTube Playlist

We understand parents and caregivers are on the go and cannot always attend a meeting or webinar during school hours. You can now access webinars and workshops, meetings, resources to support your students at home and more on the LESD YouTube playlists -- anytime!

We will continue to add to the video collection as content becomes available. If you don't see a playlist that you would like us to start, please take a moment to tell us on the FamilyU portal - your voice matters!

Bridge to Better Behavior (BBB)

The Bridge to Better Behavior video series was created collaboratively by our School Site Administrators, School Psychologists, Social Workers and Special Education Department in an effort to come together and support the needs of all our families in a virtual format. 

All videos are under 10 minutes, include a support document and/or additional resources, and are designed to give parents strategies and insight into supporting better behavior from their child. Download the supporting documents from the left sidebar.

Social Emotional Learning

We believe that all students should feel safe and celebrated, and we support social-emotional learning through programs that prevent bullying, teach conflict mediation and build a positive school culture, identity, and diversity. This series of videos created by the School Social Workers will support you in developing social and emotional skills at home.

PTA Cultural Family Nights

Travel virtually with us and celebrate the diverse cultures of the world that represent our community. The Cultural Family Nights are brought to you by the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) at Twain Elementary School.

District Parent Advisory Committees

The District English Learner Advisory Committee (DELAC) advises and assists the principal, staff and School Site Council (SSC) in developing:

  • School programs for English learners
  • Single School Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA)
  • School needs assessments
  • School site annual language census

The District Parent Advisory Committee (DPAC) works at the district level and works hand-in-hand with SSC at the school level. SSC members that are interested in taking their school-level involvement to the district-level may participate in the District Parent Advisory Committee. 

  • Provides input on various subjects when there is a need for district-level input, especially on issues relating to the needs of low-income and/or underperforming student groups
  • Provides leadership to promote parent involvement at their school site
  • Provides input into and feedback on the Title I budget
Technology and School Apps

Get familiar with the technology students use at home and in the classroom and use the school apps to stay informed with your child's academic progress and experience.