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Lawndale Elementary School District

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African-American Parent Advisory Council

What is the AAPAC?

The African-American Parent Advisory Council meets on a monthly basis to establish goals and objectives for African-American students.  The Council advises the district in developing school programs for African-American students.  The focus of the council is on African-American students, but all ethnic backgrounds are welcome to attend.


The purpose of the African American Parent Advisory Council (AAPAC) is to provide a forum to hear the ideas of the Lawndale Elementary School District’s African American/Black families, and respond to those ideas by educating and informing parents of district resources, policies, and programs. It is our goal to empower the lives of all African American/Black children and families by providing the knowledge and skills necessary to advocate for a high quality educational experience for our children. The AAPAC works to develop resources that allow families to more actively support the academic achievement and social emotional learning of their children to ensure they are college and career ready.

Why Join AAPAC?

Parents are given the opportunity to learn about Lawndale Elementary School District resources, policies, and programs.  Communicate with fellow parents and district staff on how to improve academic performance for African-American students.  Consequently, you will be better equipped to get involved in parent engagement activities and become parent leaders who encourage other parents to get involved.  Research shows that parent involvement leads to increased student academic achievement.

"Looking Race in the Face"

Full Article

In LESD, we are committed to improving the academic achievement of all students with a specific focus on African-American/black students who have performed the lowest on standardized testing.  One of the best methods for district-wide improvement is to study research and best practices.  This article is a great summary of the key factors that need to be implemented to ensure positive academic and social-emotional learning outcomes for African-American/black students.  We have implemented some of the programs and ideas from this article in LESD.  We seek to continuously grow to provide a quality education for African-American/black students.

2021-22 Slides

2021_09_09 African American Parent Night.pdf (PDF)

2021_10_14 African American Parent Advisory Council.pdf (PDF)

2021_12_16 African American Parent Advisory Council.pdf (PDF)

2022_01_13 African American Parent Advisory Council.pdf (PDF)

2022_02_10 African American Parent Advisory Council.pdf (PDF)

2020-21 Slides

2021_5_27 African American Parent Advisory Council.pdf (PDF)

2021_04_15 African American Parent Advisory Council.pdf (PDF)

2021_03_25 African American Parent Advisory Council.pdf (PDF)

2021_02_18 African American Parent Advisory Council.pdf (PDF)

2021_01_14 African American Parent Advisory Council.pdf (PDF)

2020_12_09 African American Parent Night.pdf (PDF)