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Lawndale Elementary School District

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English Learner & Newcomer

Lawndale Elementary School District has a wealth of resources for students who are new to the country or are learning English. Each school has a Community Liaison who helps the parents connect to school resources, a Social Worker who helps students with their social-emotional and behavioral needs and access to mental health resources, and an English Learner Instructional Resource Teacher (ELIRT) who collaborates and coordinates with the school's teachers and staff to aid our multilingual students' academics.

English Learner Program

The English Learner Program supports and promotes academic and linguistic excellence for English learners in LESD. Our goals are to:

  • Implement and support programs that provide differentiated instruction based on students’ academic and language needs, including English Language Development (ELD), Specially Designed Academic Instruction in English (SDAIE), and primary language support
  • Develop communicative and academic second language proficiency
  • Engage and support every student in learning English and reaching their highest potential in all academic content areas
  • Support school site leadership, teachers, and staff in promoting best practices to meet the instructional needs of English learners
  • Instill an appreciation for cultural and linguistic diversity

Newcomer Resource Overview

At Lawndale, we embrace diversity and welcome all students. We understand that customs differ depending on culture and entering a new school system can be overwhelming. To help our students succeed within our schools, we have multi-tiered system of supports that align academic, behavioral, and social-emotional learning. Our Community Liaisons, ELIRTs, and Social Workers collaborate to help our families learn about our school system, get access to resources, and navigate the challenges our students encounter when entering a new school.  Students who require English support are provided additional in-class assistance and resources to help acquire the language.


English Learner Instructional Resource Teacher (ELIRT)

Addams Middle School
(310) 676-4806
Anderson Elementary
(310) 675-9134
FDR Elementary
(310) 675-1121
Green Elementary 
(310) 370-3585
Mitchell Elementary
(310) 676-6140
Rogers Middle School
(310) 676-1197
Smith Elementary
(310) 970-2915
Twain Elementary
(310) 675-9134