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Technology, Robotics, Engineering, Coding

The Lawndale Technology, Robotics, Engineering, Coding (TREC) Program introduces students to these technology concepts in elementary school through school Makerspaces. The program continues into middle school through elective classes. Students who participate will participate in hands-on learning to explore engineering challenges with various building materials and learn and practice coding skills through work with robots.

Each elementary school has a designated Makerspace, a room with learning materials to support the TREC goals. In middle school, students may take a technology elective to continue their learning in this area.

The 2022-23 school year focuses on 5th and select 6th graders. Students in both grade levels will complete a CS First coding unit using the Scratch programming language. In the 2023-24 school year, 4th and select 7th/8th graders will also participate in the program. Students will learn specific California Computer Science standards through this work, providing exposure to computer science concepts. 

The pictures below highlight students learning about coding and Lego robotics.

Teaching working with students in Makerspace

Engineering: Third grade students had to build a tower with specific constraints (only 10 Keva planks, 2 minutes to complete, height of over 30 centimeters). 

Coding: Elementary students use a variety of tools to learn and practice beginning coding. Students have access to iPads and Osmo bases/games to learn coding as well as Blue-bots and maps to practice what they are learning.