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Welcome to Special Education

About Special Education


The Lawndale Elementary School District (LESD) is committed to meeting the educational needs of the exceptional child. All disabled children between preschool and 8th grade are provided appropriate educational opportunities. In addition, the district provides services through the Southwest Special Education Local Plan Area (Southwest SELPA) to children under the age of three whose sole disability is deafness, blindness, or certain orthopedic conditions. 


Excellent facilities and approximately 150 dedicated staff members provide for the needs of the student who is learning disabled, emotionally disturbed, orthopedically impaired, intellectually disabled, deaf, deaf/blind, visually impaired, autistic, and speech and language impaired. Support service include psychologists, instructional specialist, and administrative staff. An Individualized Education Program (IEP) is developed at least annually for each of over 700 students to ensure that each student receives a free and appropriate education designed to assist him/her in reaching their unique potential in the least restrictive educational environment. Those charged with these responsibilities welcome the opportunity to provide a rich and meaningful program to exceptional children, coordinated with the efforts of parents, to the end that lives will be more productive and complete.


We provide a continuum of supports to students with disabilities who reside within the boundaries of LESD.  LESD is a member of the Southwest SELPA.  The information on this site is intended to provide parents and providers access to staff information and resources.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any difficulty navigating our site.