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Contact Information

(310) 973-1300

Fax (323) 614-0991

8:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M.

Thelma Gonzalez

Thelma Gonzalez

Director of Student Support Services

Ext. 50128

Patricia Gonzalez

Patricia Gonzalez 

Director's Secretary

Ext. 50129

Maria Ruelas

Maria Ruelas, Ed.D

District Social Worker

Ext. 50130

Jocelyn Rivera

Medi-Cal Outreach Specialist

Ext. 50134

Our Team

To contact anyone on our team, please dial (310) 973-1300 and then enter the appropriate extension


Gaby Guillen

Jane Addams Middle School 

Ext. 51208

Miriam Flores

Kit Carson Elementary School- LEAP

Ext. 53208

Maria Trejo

Green Elementary School 

Ext. 54208

Jaquelyn Hernandez

Rogers Middle School 

Ext. 56208

Elena Gonzales

Twain Elementary School 

Ext. 59208


Anderson Elementary School 

Ext. 52208

Ysabel Estrada

FDR Elementary School 

Ext. 57208

Sandra Frausto

Mitchell Elementary School 

Ext. 55208

Asha Gurung

Smith Elementary School 

Ext. 58208

District Nurses

Liliana Murillo

FDR/ Kit Carson/ Twain

Stacy Seiler

Stacy Seiler

Addams/ Green/ Mitchell

April Dwane

Anderson / Rogers/ Smith


School Social Workers

Jessica Duarte

Jessica Duarte

Green Elementary 

Ext. 54244

Evelyn Guerra

Evelyn Garcia

Rogers Middle School

Ext. 56058

Alaysia Monson

Alaysia Monson

Rogers Middle School

Ext. 56212

Claudia Godoy

Claudia Godoy

Addams Middle School

Ext. 51222

Wondy Chew

Wondy Chew

Smith Elementary

Ext. 58243

Kisalyn Michael

Kisalyn Michael

FDR Elementary

Ext. 57224

Vanessa Clark

Vanessa Clark

FDR Elementary

Ext. 57223

Cindy Rivera Headshot

Cindy Rivera

Mitchell Elementary

Ext. 55223

Martika Tucker

Martika Tucker

Twain Elementary

Ext. 59220

Van Bui

Anderson Elementary

Ext. 52244

District Office Interns