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Resources for Classified Staff

Classified Professional Development


Missed a session from last year?  Resources and recordings are available below:

Date                               Session Title
March 17           

Communication Best Practices  with Google Workspace

[AM/PM Recording & Resources]

Video on YouTube

March 24

Building Resilience in Times of Stress Part I

[Recording & Resources]

April 21

Building Resilience in Times of Stress Part II

[Recording & Resources]

April 28

Getting Creative with Communication

[AM/PM Recording & Resources

Video on YouTube

May 12

Reviewing your Digital Workflow: Digital Routines & Productivity

[AM/PM Recording & Resources]

May 19                             

Organizing & Managing your Google Drive: Emphasis on Shared Drive

[AM/PM Recording & Resources]

Date Session Title

October 28

Google Workspace: Chrome & Drive

[AM/PM Recording & Resources]

November 4

Google Workspace: Gmail, Calendar, Meet 

[AM/PM Recording & Resources]

November 18

Google Workspace: Forms & Spreadsheets

[AM/PM Recording & Resources]

December 2

Google Workspace: Keep & Kami

[AM/​PM Recording & Resources]

December 9

Google Workspace: Slides

[AM/PM Recording & Resources]