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Lawndale Elementary School District

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Summer Program & Resources

At Lawndale, we offer a variety of summer school offerings targeted at meeting the varying educational needs of our students. Summer school typically includes programs designed to help students catch up, get ahead, or explore new interests during the summer break.

Department Program Dates Audience Contact
Ed Services
Air Tutors (Virtual)
Open All Summer     
Nominated 3rd - 7th grade                
Joe Lopez x. 50046
Ed Services
Summer Forward @ Anderson
6/17 - 7/11/2024
Nominated K - 5th grade
Joe Lopez x. 50046
Ed Services
Summer Bridge with SchoolsPLP (Virtual)
6/17 - 8/16/2024
Open to all M.S students
Robert Gonzalez x. 50039
Ed Services
UCLA 2nd Language Program (Virtual)
7/8 - 7/12/2024
3rd - 8th grade
Martha Sierra x. 50036
Special Projects
Newcomer Academy @Twain
6/17 - 7/11/24
Newcomer students
Brenda Zepeda x. 50041
Special Projects
Dual Immersion Institute @Twain
6/17 - 7/11/24
Dual Immersion Students (K-2)    
Brenda Zepeda x. 50041
RapVentures / Summer Camp (Various Sites)
6/17 - 7/26/2024
TK - 8th grade (Application)
Maggie Guillen x. 52043
Special Education
ESY - Extended School Year @ Mitchell
6/24 - 7/19/2024               
K - 8th grade
TBA (ESY Clerk)
Jenn Ayala x. 50114 (Enrollment/ Transportation)
Special Education
ESY - Extended School Year @ Kit Carson  
6/24 - 7/19/2024
LEAP, Early Start
Jessica Acosta x. 50115


Summer 2024 Resources

Summer is a time for rest, relaxation and rejuvenation. It can be a time to play games, try new activities and learn something new.

Find activities for your student or weekly virtual summer camps to enjoy. 

Click here for Summer Activities & Resources

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Summer 2024 ParentSquare Communications

During the summer, all the 2023-2024 classes will become inactive in ParentSquare. The news feeds for each school and group will be cleared, and posts will be archived by June 18. It is standard practice for schools to clear their feeds every summer to start the new year on a clean slate. 

For summer school, the location of our communications will vary a bit depending on the specific program. Please see the chart below for the details. The ParentSquare summer classes and schools will be activated by the first day of class.

Program Communication Method  

Air Tutors

Communications will be sent to you directly by the program administrators.

Summer Bridge with SchoolsPLP

UCLA 2nd Language Program

Summer Forward at Anderson 

Communications will be sent through the Summer School Gen tab in ParentSquare. You will find your teacher and class under the class tab.

Newcomer Academy

Dual Immersion Institute


Communications will be sent through Summer RAP groups located under your groups in ParentSquare.

Extended School Year at Mitchell

Communications will be sent through the Summer School (Now called Extended School Year (ESY) tab in Parentsquare. You will find your teacher and class under the class tab.

Extended School Year at Carson