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Supplemental Student Forms

After you have completed your online enrollment, we ask our families to complete the supplemental forms below to complete their student's file. Below you can read description for each form and know which of the forms you need to submit.  

Form Description

Who Needs to Submit This Form?

Educational Benefit Form: This form collects income information from our families that will help our school receive educational funding and resources for our students. The information you share is confidential and will help our school get funds to continue providing the highest quality education for your student. Click here to complete the Educational Benefit Form.
Students that need to submit this form will be contacted directly by their school staff.
Update Student Registration: To ensure all of your contact information is updated, please complete update the student registration form. You will need a "snapcode" to complete this form. Please contact your school's Office Manager if you need help. Click here to complete the update form.
Returning students only.