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Welcome to the 2021 virtual TakePART Festival, a community event. The word community means “coming together in unity.” Every year, five South Bay School districts come together in unity to celebrate their students’ artistic achievements. Throughout this pandemic year, in addition to supporting students’ academic growth, the arts have been, more than ever, a source of emotional comfort for them. In these galleries, they share their visions and their experiences. ENJOY!

Hélène Trudeau
South Bay Regional Arts Coordinator / Coordinator of the TakePART Festival

Helene Trudeau
Takepart festival

Live Virtual Event

You can review the recordings from Saturday, June 5th, 2021 by clicking on any of the links below.

Welcome / Leuzinger High School Wind Ensemble
Bienvenidos / Conjunto de viento de la escuela Leuzinger

Neurographic Art
Arte Neurográfico

Get to Know Great Composers from Mexico
Conozca a grandes compositores de México

When Geometry Meets Fashion: Designing with Origami
Cuando la geometría se encuentra con la moda: diseñar con origami

EnerJazz! It's for you!
¡Enerjazz! ¡Es para ti!

Theatre Games
Juegos de teatro

Kitchen Orchestra
Orquesta de cocina

Samba Dancing!
¡Baile de samba!

Making Music During the Pandemic
Hacer música durante la pandemia

Closing Remarks / Lawndale High School Commercial Music Band
Palabras de clausura / Banda de la escuela Lawndale High

Band Lab Magic: Intro to Music Production
Band Lab Magic: Introducción a la producción musical

Event program in English and Spanish

District Galleries

Click a school district's logo to visit their virtual galleries beginning on June 5th, 2021.