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Todd Barker

IT Director



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Network Coordinator



Lyn Waller

Info Systems Specialist


Computer Techs

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Michael Oshiro

District Office

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Ryan Gomez

District Office/SELPA

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Welcome to Information Technology

The Technology Department is a unit of Business Services that provides technology leadership for the design, implementation, and support of the district's computing infrastructure. The mission of Technology Services is to deliver customer-focused technical support and services to all schools and district departments.

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Completed Projects

  1. Core network switching has been upgraded
  2. District wireless network has been upgraded (Erate)
  3. 40 online forms have been created and are in production.
  4. Student registration is now online.
  5. Interactive short throw projectors have been installed in all classrooms.
  6. Chromebook to student ratio is 1:1.
  7. All teachers have laptops no older than 5 years.
  8. All district servers have been upgraded to either 2012 or 2016.
  9. A/V upgrade completed in the district boardroom 
  10. Projectors and or sound systems added to MPR's at Mitchell, Rogers, Smith, Carson, and Green.
  11. Projections system installed in Addams and Rogers gymnasium.

Future/Ongoing Projects


  1. Implementation of 1:1 Chromebook programs at the middle schools
  2. Migration phone service from PRI's to SIP trunk (in progress)
  3. Security upgrades/Cybersecurity training (in progress)
  4. Projectors are being installed in the Addams MPR and FDR MPR

Measure CL

We are in our sixth year of utilizing Measure CL funding to enhance the educational opportunities for our students. The presentation below provides a recap of the accomplishments from 2018-2019 in addition to providing the plan, status, and recommended budget for 2019-2020.

Measure CL Presentation